​​SECRET SQUIRREL FLY FISHING has been designing personalized fishing experiences for the novice and professional alike.  Whether you have been on fly fishing adventures all over the globe or are "Fly Curious" I will custom tailor your trip to your needs and skill!  When on our adventure we will not only pursue fish and increase skill level, but we will have an opportunity to view nature's splendor.  Tampa Bay has many species of birds, marine mammals, sea turtles and other wildlife that you can enjoy as part of the experience.

I have owned a skiff since I was 15 years old in 1987 and I began my fly fishing journey at that time.  I have been a fly fishing guide in the Tampa Bay area for over 20 years assuring you a safe and productive day on the water. 

Much of my site is dedicated to Tarpon, but there are many worthy species to target in the Tampa Bay area that can be just as rewarding.  I have a passion for Tarpon on fly and I would love to share that with you.  Many of my clients joined me on an adventure targeting species other than Tarpon and had such a great experience that they returned to pursue the Silver King.  


The Tarpon’s House is made up of many shades of translucent green stretching out to the horizon. The stage will be set on the beaches near the Tampa bay area. The clarity of the water will astound you and cleanse your soul. This is something to be felt not simply experienced. 


Spotted Eagle rays glide by as if suspended in air. Manatees pass just off the beach close enough that you can hear them breath as they journey. An Osprey or Frigate bird swoops down to take an unwary mullet. Dolphins distract you as you scan for your target.  


Tarpon appear out of nowhere ghosting from an emerald green ribbon scoured by tidal action just off the beach. These ribbons form highways as Megalops atlanticus navigates shoreward from the deep. Tarpon missiles home in on the skiff from several hundred yards away as your pulse quickens and a lump forms in your throat!  

There is simply no better place in Florida to do this than the Gulf coast beaches. Come with me on a trip into angling adventure and we’ll pit our skills against the cunning of the Silver King.


I use the finest equipment from the top manufactures. Some of these manufactures are sponsors and others are not. I simply do not use equipment because I get it for a discount or free. I also do not list all my sponsors here as I change products that I use as better items become available. The tackle I use is the top of the line from each manufacturer and maintained in excellent condition.  You are always welcome to bring your gear and we will rig it correctly so that it is suitable for the task.


I currently use a 2021 Hell's Bay Marquesa  and a 2017 Ankona Shadowcast 18 skiff.  My Hell's Bay is the finest example of the modern breed of technical poling skiffs. This skiff allows me to chase down tarpon and also present a very small footprint with no hull slap which might frighten wary tarpon. I have had fish attack a fly right along side of this skiff and gone completely unnoticed. My skiff is equipped with a trolling motor and push pole for stalking the Silver King. The vessel is of course outfitted with all appropriate safety gear and is in very seaworthy.  My skiff can comfortably carry 2 anglers, but 3 is doable if necessary.  Most importantly my skiff rides comfortably and is very dry, you will be amazed! 

The Ankona is a scalpel that slides into the shallowest waters with a minimal signature to sneak up on the highly pressured Redfish and Snook and can be polled into the smallest corners and stopped on a dime.  Two anglers can fit in this craft, but it is a bit cramped and more suitable for a single angler.

Capt. Barkley Daniel




​I want to make you confidant that you can hook the Silver King on a fly rod which is well known for being one of the pinnacle achievements in the art of fly fishing. Speaking as a member of this team I want to give you all the tools needed to achieve the goal so I offer a free casting/strategy lesson prior to the trip using the rod that we will be using in our pursuit.  Some guides either do not offer this or charge extra. I figure that if you are willing to trust me with your hard earned fishing dollar then I should include some of my time to give you the skills you need to succeed​.