​​  All charters include everything you will need to have a great day on the water including license, tackle and drinks.  Just show up ready to have an awesome experience!   I do fly fishing, artificial on spin and offer sight fishing.  I'm always glad to accommodate children and have had as young as 3 year old's on board. Generally 2 people can fish on board, but a third can be accommodated if necessary for $50 extra on full and half day trips and $100 on Tarpon trips, no charge for the little guys!  


Full Day   8 hours $650

3/4 Day   6 hours $550

Half Day  4 hours $450

Night       5 hours $550 (dock light sight fishing)

8+hours $750 includes a lesson/strategy session


*With all Tarpon trips I include a free casting/strategy lesson conducted on land a day or so ahead of time.  If we do not have the chance to meet ahead of time we can always cover the finer points on the boat.  I have found that this lesson is key to making you a success and clients who take advantage of this are almost always successful!  The instruction is around 1 hour long and in this lesson I give you the tools and strategy you need and we will work on your cast so that you have the best chance for success.  This lesson is at least a $100 value that you get simply for booking with me and payment of your $100 deposit which I'll collect in person at the lesson.​

DEPOSIT:  I offer one of the most generous cancellation policies in the industry since I do not want this to be an impediment to booking a trip.  If you need to cancel please give me no less than 24 hours notice since I generally put the plan in motion by then.  I would like to think that most people can be taken at their word and will let me know if something has changed.  Many hours of preparation are necessary to make your trip successful from rigging to scouting the area we plan to fish and cancellations affect my business greatly.  Few people have cancelled and normally it is due to a legitimate emergency so all I ask is that you give me as much notice as possible so that I can re-book the day.  This is especially important if I have another client who wants the same time spot.