​               father and son trip!

"On a tough day, Captain Barkley gave us just what we ordered. A first fish in saltwater, and on fly.  We CAUGHT 7 SPECIES ON FLY!

Thanks for a fun morning."


Mulberry, FL


Wonderful day Captain! Your knowledge and experience made a rather confusing piece of water very productive and exciting for a northern trout fisherman. It was a great day! Would really like to try for tarpon. We’ll try to get it done.

Thanks, Jeff



Hi Barkley.  Just wanted to say thanks for your major effort the last couple days.  The ten hour days on the  water were greatly appreciated!.  I've never learned more from any other guide than what you taught me.  I will certainly be back!




Capt. Barkley,
Thank you so much for the awesome fishing trip. My wife and I enjoyed fishing with you more than any other of the dozen guides we have fished with around the world. I appreciate you catering to my wife's desire to catch fish even though it was on the spinning reel. We both had a blast catching new species and appreciate more than anything the helpful instruction you gave to both of us. Most guides do not teach and communicate the way you do. It was also nice to have a real lunch while fishing.    We will be back!

Sam and Natalie ​​ 

Captain Barkley;
Thank you very much for an outstanding day on the water!  We have used guides for fishing, throughout the country and can tell quickly when someone is guiding for the pay or because they love to help people learn and enjoy fishing and have a great day on the water.  You definitely fall into the latter category!
Eric, Adam and I had one of the best days fishing we have ever had!   The day makes my life's highlight reel!  We started early and watched the sun rise....beautiful.  You immediately put us onto sea trout, mackerel and even a shark for good measure.  You were so busy unhooking fish that I don't know if you noticed how much fun we were having but I assure you, we were.  Later in the morning, we went out to "wear ourselves out" with Bonito (I was a bit skeptical when I booked the trip and you told me we could wear ourselves out with Bonito, but I can promise everyone that pound for pound, these fish are the best fighters I have ever seen - even smallmouth bass don't begin to compare).  We then got even luckier and you put us on some 40 inch Red Fish - what a thrill and some wonderful pictures.
Barkley - thanks again for a wonderful day on the water, you provided my sons and I with memories we will never forget.  Feel free to pass along my name or post this to your web site.....your service is "the real deal" and I would be proud to let everyone know!
Jeff Klingeman, Ky. 


​What a great experience. We booked with Capt. Barkley Daniel last May, my first time to fish for Tarpon he was able to put us on over 30-40 Tarpon. We booked a second time and fished the flats for Snook, Redfish and trout. Capt Barkley Daniel is a great teacher and he packs one heck of a lunch to boot.

Gino Barone

​Worth the trip!

I first heard of Capt. Barkley when I watched an episode of SEASONS ON THE FLY called TARPON TOWN.  When I saw the beautiful Tampa Bay beaches and Capt. Barkley putting the show host on Tarpon I knew I wanted to travel there and fish with him.  My first trip was in October and the Tarpon had largely migrated so we spent a couple of days on other species and caught everything from Redfish to Snook to my favorite, Seatrout all on artificial lures.  I was staying in Anna Maria and Capt. Barkley even picked me up by boat from my dock.  That night I got to cook up some of the tasty fish we had caught, what a treat !  After staying for a week on the island I fell in love with the place and ended up buying a second home there. I have been fishing with Capt. Barkley many times since and have had the opportunity to catch and land my fist Tarpon with him.  If you are travelling to Florida I suggest a trip with Capt. Barkley who is one the most knowledgeable and fun to fish with guides I have ever fished with !